CoolPlug FW Update

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Firmware update

  • Get CoolPlug FW Image. Latest FW Image can be requested from CoolAutomation support
  • Connect CoolPlug to USB. If it is first time connection, USB driver will be installed


  • Run FirmwareUpdate tool
  • Load FW Image
  • Click Update Firmware

Forced BOOT Mode

In certain situations, like for instance in case of power outage during regular FW update, CoolPlug can become irresponsible due to a luck of proper FW. In this case, to recover CoolPlug, it has to be updated via forced BOOT mode. To enter forced BOOT mode

  • Disconnect CoolPlug from HVAC line and/or USB
  • Press and hold CoolPlug button
  • While pressing on button connect USB

In BOOT mode CoolPlug a blue LED will be constantly ON.