CoolPlug Room Temperature Source and Feed

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CoolPlug, depending on its specific model (HVAC brand) and configuration, can read and present room temperature from different sources. It can also feed a desired room temperature to the indoor unit it is connected to. Control over these features is made with set tsrc command described below in details.

set tsrc R D|I|F|E
set tsrc A D|I|F|E

Use R to control room temperature source
Use A to control feed temperature source

Room or feed temperature source options are

  • D - Default. In this case room temperature will be taken from one of the available temperature sources according to the source priority.
    • External temperature sensor connected to CoolPlug - highest priority
    • Feed temperature provided with feed command
    • Temperature from the wall thermostat (if available)
    • Indoor unit return air sensor
  • I - Indoor unit return air temperature sensor
  • F - Feed temperature
  • E - External temperature sensor connected to CoolPlug


>set tsrc R F

Present feed temperature as room temperature (in ls command)

>set tsrc A E

Use external sensor as a feed temperature source