Mitsubishi Electric

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Connecting to Mitsubishi Electric VRF System

  • System with single Outdoor Unit

For a single VRF system ie. single OC Outdoor unit (those with piping to Indoor units) you can connect CoolMasterNet to the TB5 terminal on any Indoor unit or to the TB3 terminal on the unique OC Outdoor unit.
ME - 1 outdoor.jpg

  • System with multiple Outdoor Units

For multiple VRF systems ie. multiple OC Outdoor units
- daisy chains all Outdoor unit TB7 terminals (on OC and OS Outdoor units) to L1 on CoolMasterNet
- move Jumper on the OC Outdoor unit the closest to CoolMasterNet from terminal CN41 to terminal CN40 -> it is to energize M-NET communication cable from terminal TB7 - Do it just in one terminal
- make sure each unit is given a unique M-NET address. When initially systems were separated, it was not an issue, but now that they are connected together, no duplicate addresses are allowed
- alternately, if a ME AE-200A controller already exists, simply connect the CoolMasterNet’s L1 to the TB3 (M-NET) signal terminal and configure the CoolMasterNet as Slave on the network
ME - 2 outdoors.jpg