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Control Wiring Termination

In some cases with relatively big HVAC systems, where the total length of the wiring is high, control wire termination may be required. Termination can also be helpful if a control communication is noisy as a result of external electromagnetic influence. Termination can be easily made on CoolMasterNet side. To do it turn ON DIP Switch S2 - for line L1 and/or S3 - for line L2 as shown below. Rest of the DIP Switches should not be changed.

Reading intake air temperature instead of return air

To change between return air and intake air: enter Toshiba's Wired Controller "field setting menu", select setting #32 and set it to:
0000 - for return air or
0001 - for remote sensor
Coolmaster will automatically display room temperature accordingly to Wired Controller setting #32.