Wireless-Wired Interoperability in CoolPlug

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Starting from FW version 0.1.8, CoolPlug can work simultaneously or separately in Wired and/or Wireless modes of connection to CooLinkHub or other devices. For Wireless connection CoolPlug has to be equipped with Wireless Module. Wired connection is available in all CoolPlugs (via PBUS terminals).

Example of the default lines configuration for CoolPlug ME

L1: M1M2 Master U00/G00 Not Connected
Tx:0/0 Rx:0/0 TO:0/0 CS:0/0 Col:0/0 NAK:0/0
L2: PB Address:0xDB(219) 9600_8N1
Tx:29/29 Rx:56/56 TO:0/0 CS:0/0 Col:0/0 NAK:0/0
L3: Unused
Tx:0/0 Rx:0/0 TO:0/0 CS:0/0 Col:0/0 NAK:0/0
L4: MAC A:Master U00/G00 Not Connected NVDB
Tx:6/6 Rx:0/0 TO:0/0 CS:0/0 Col:0/0 NAK:0/0
L5: PBWi myid:006
Tx:11/11 Rx:13/13 TO:0/0 CS:0/0 Col:0/0 NAK:0/0

Line L2 is configured as PBUS - Wired, Line L5 is configured as PBWi - Wireless.

When both Wired and Wireless lines are configured the only limitation is that Wired line can not support ASCII_IF commands. Attempt to run plug command on CooLinkHub side via Wired connection will be terminated with the below message:

>plug L3.219 line
PBWi is running, can't process ASCII_IF OK

To work it around Wireless communication has to be (temporary) disabled. This can be done in two ways.

  • Via PBUS:


>hwr L2 219 3 0
ModBus Error:0


>hwr L2 219 3 1
ModBus Error:0

  • Toggling Wireless communication with button.
    This is done with One Short followed by One Long button presses.

In both cases CoolPlug will automatically restart after enabling/disabling Wireless communication.